Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Da, vodka.

And I have used up my store of Russian for the day.

But anyway, through this, that, and the other link, I discovered this site that has some amazing crochet pattern pieces. Clicky the linky and it's already 'translated' into English. The bad news is: Not very well, and hook sizes don't seem to come across very well. The good news is: the patterns are mostly charts.

Whaddya mean you can't read a crochet chart?? Le sigh.

A + is a single crochet. A long, cross looking thing is a double. If the cross had two bars, it's treble. If there's a dot or an open circle, it's a chain. If it looks like a bunch of sticks attached to an oval, it's a cluster (number of sticks equal number of stitches in the cluster). Any more questions? just ask.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Free Xiomaro!

From here:

A Final Note: On March 11, 2005, The New York Post reported that Xiomaro Hernandez crocheted the now-famous poncho for Martha Stewart in the minimum-security prison camp in Alderson, W. Va. We at Interweave Press hope that Ms. Hernandez knows how appreciative the crochet audience is of the national spotlight that her gift and creativity have inspired. Our Freedom Poncho is a result of that inspiration. Interweave Press is also donating subscriptions to several of its magazines along with a variety of its knitting and crochet books to the prison facility in Alderson, W. Va.

So from now on I don't want to hear no more crap about 'Martha's Poncho', you dig? It's Xiomaro's Poncho, you monkeys.

In other news, A List

Days until Easter: 13

Days until the Spring Equinox: 6

Days until I see people I need to give Equinox/Easter gifts to: 4

Number of ducks needed: 6. No, wait, 7, my roommate was lusting after one.

Number of ducks crocheted: 2.5

Number of hours I spent coming up with original crocheted duck design: 5

Number of times I've decided to do the duck body pattern a wee bit differently: 3

Number of evenings this week that I'm AWOL: 4

Number of people who are probably going to get their ducks on time: 2

Number of pictures of said ducks I've taken in case I write the pattern down: 1 bazillion