Sunday, April 03, 2005

I'm a giant Poofter

So there's new Crochet Me! patterns up, which always elicits a YAYYIPPIEYAHOO! But I had twenty bucks slipped me from my Mother for Easter and decided to spend it at Michael's on some Sugar 'n Cream so I could make the Poofs.

I like making Poofs. They're fun. They go well with watching Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams while listening to Robert Rodriguez's commentary (and if you're a creative person, you really need to listen to his commnetary. But fast forward through the ham story).

Mine are solid baby blue on a white background and the two I've completed will likely go to variuos people who have helped me greatly in my quest to become a teacher (a third one that will be compelted soon will go to my mom for Mother's Day).

No pictures, 'cause the digicam is out of whack.

Other than that, my WIPs have no extra yarn in them yet, and will proabably languish in the WIP basket until I run out of Sugar 'n Cream.


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