Thursday, March 24, 2005

What I did on my Spring Vacay part 4

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Yeah. That's pretty much the it.

How to Run a Peep Joust*

1. Gather the combatants, weaponry, and safety equipment. Because hot marshmallow causes severe scalds.

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2. Prepare the combatants for battle.

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3. Nuke the buggers (in the microwave).

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4. Wait for the combatants to cool down, then consume them. Watch out for the weapons.

So, back to crocheting, I got about four more rows on my shawl, then promptly fell asleep on the couch while watching Hellboy. But I did finally get the pictures of the uterus I crocheted for my friend. Her specialty is STDs and Reproductive Health, so it's appropo.

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English as a Second Language for Britons and other foreign-types
*Peeps: Small marshmallow confectionaries covered in neon coloured sugar sold during the springtime.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello, you are awesome. but you already knew that. just wanted to say that i love your crocheted uterus and i think i might try to make one of my own, but i'm not all that great at freeform so we'll see. also, thank you for the jousting peeps idea, i am going to do it this weekend.

rock on, fellow hooker! ;)
~Emily, not of hookmeupcrochet!, because i am not that cool :)

5:43 AM  

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