Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Da, vodka.

And I have used up my store of Russian for the day.

But anyway, through this, that, and the other link, I discovered this site that has some amazing crochet pattern pieces. Clicky the linky and it's already 'translated' into English. The bad news is: Not very well, and hook sizes don't seem to come across very well. The good news is: the patterns are mostly charts.

Whaddya mean you can't read a crochet chart?? Le sigh.

A + is a single crochet. A long, cross looking thing is a double. If the cross had two bars, it's treble. If there's a dot or an open circle, it's a chain. If it looks like a bunch of sticks attached to an oval, it's a cluster (number of sticks equal number of stitches in the cluster). Any more questions? just ask.


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